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Style Swap Tips

Whether you want to host your own swap party from home or attend the next Style Swap, here are a few recessionista rules to swap by:

  1. Bring items that are still-stylish. How long ago did you purchase the item? Vintage is cool, but 6-9 seasons ago can be passé.

  2. If the item still has tags on it, chances are it is in mint condition. However, is there a reason it never saw the light of day? If you cringe at the thought of wearing it, don’t bring it!

  3. If you shrank it in the dryer, ripped a hole in it or if it has any stains that are impossible to get out, donate it or turn it into a rag.

  4. Bring something that you loved when you bought it. Maybe you never had the right occasion to wear it, it didn’t quite fit right or you decided it wasn’t your style after all.

  5. Give what you expect to receive. Bring items that are representative of an item you’d like to come home with.